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NEed a charismatic speaker about natural health?

Hi, I’m Wendy Goldman. I love speaking and the magic that happens when I connect with an audience.

I understand that finding great speakers can be difficult. You want to give your audience the best experience you can.

My goal is to be one of your audience’s favorite speakers.

I regularly attend conferences, and appreciate the work that goes into creating that great experience.

Presentation Topics:

  • Ancient Chinese Secrets of Nutrition
  • Ancient Chinese Secrets to Lose Weight and Keep it Off. Forever.
  • Ancient Chinese Health Secrets 


Why Me?

I’m the founder of Goldman Wellness Center and I’m a natural health expert who exposes the truth and the hype about nutrition.

And hey, I’m not some random “health coach” that took a course on the internet. I’m a licensed and practicing medical professional, and I’ve been doing it for a long time.

I’ve been practicing Oriental Medicine for 20 years, and studying nutrition even longer. I’m an expert in the field, and I’ve spoken at both Western and Oriental medical conferences.

When it comes to eating healthy, I know exactly what that means. I’ve taught it to hundreds and hundreds of my patients and students who learn to eat healthy, lose weight and keep it off. Forever.

I even helped organize a couple of conferences. Because of that, I understand your job as a meeting planner is like herding cats! I’m a professional, and always get my paperwork and slides in on time.

Even when I’m a speaker, I like to hang around and have a chance to talk with the conference attendees, for a richer experience for everyone.

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“I soon discovered that Wendy is a gifted teacher: her knowledge, clarity, and ability to entertain… are in themselves remarkable, but coupled with her sense of humor and genuine enthusiasm, she brings a quality of openness and warmth to her presentations that few others achieve.” – C.H.

“Very, very clear instruction. So easy to understand! Wendy makes it so much easier to absorb and incorporate into my daily life.” -L.Hart

“They are a wealth of information and strategies for self-healing and for finding inner peace. She truly is a holistic healer from head to toe.”