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by Wendy Goldman in Healthy Eating, Weight Loss

I recently lost a little weight. I wasn’t really trying to, just eating the way I normally eat and the way I teach my patients and students to eat. It was a good thing, though. It seems like as I get older, it’s easier to get a little “squidgy” around the middle. I’m sure it has nothing to do with how much time I spend sitting in front of the computer…

Anyway, I put on a pair of pants that fit a bit looser, and realized they were too loose. I couldn’t wear them anymore, because they were hanging off of me. Yee haw! I couldn’t wait to get those jeans out of here and donate them to Goodwill. On to their new life with somebody else.

I started thinking about my reaction. It’s funny how when we lose weight, we can’t wait to get rid of the “fat pants”. We’ll make a trip to the thrift store to donate only one thing, the fat pants, just to get them out of here. Why do we do that?

Because it’s psychological. We’re thinking: “ok, I lost some weight, and I’m never going back there. I’m not going to put that weight back on, therefore, I can get rid of the fat pants.” And out the door they go. We don’t keep the fat pants around in case we gain weight again.

We believe we’re going to stay at the current weight or lose even more. Whether or not it actually happens.

But what do we do with our skinny pants? They stay in the back of the closet, maybe for years, because we believe we’ll fit back into them some day. We think: “I’m going to get back into those size 6 jeans again, dammit!” Because donating them, even if they’ve been collecting dust for years is like giving up hope that we’ll actually lose the weight.

And you know what? That’s Ok. If that helps to motivate you, that’s fine. But is it really helping you? We totally forget about the skinny jeans in the back of the closet until we’re doing spring cleaning or digging for something else in the closet and remember they’re there.

So today’s post is sponsored by your skinny jeans in the back of your closet. They’re shouting, “hey, remember us!?” It’s time to remember them, and use it as motivation to get back into them.

Take one small step toward getting back into your skinny jeans. What one thing can you do, starting today, to work toward eating healthier and losing weight?

Can you cut out the cookies and eat some fruit instead? Fruit will give you the sweet “fix” and is a better choice than cookies or cake.

You don’t need to change your entire diet at once to lose weight. Just start with one thing you can stick with.

Or go for a walk. Even just for 10 minutes. You don’t need to go to the gym for hours and lift 8 bazillion pounds of weights. Not necessary. Just start with a short walk. Something small and easy. Lots of plants and flowers are blooming, and it’s nice to walk around the neighborhood and check out what’s blooming. And snoop at neighbors yards, of course.

What one thing will you do this week toward getting back into your skinny jeans, or bathing suit, short shorts, etc.? Share it with a friend. Accountability helps, because you’re making a declaration of your intent, and that helps a lot of people actually do it.

Your skinny jeans want you to wear them again. Do it for them.

I’m off to donate my one pair of fat pants to Goodwill, because it makes me feel good.

FREE Food Mistakes Guide

5 BIG Food Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Get It Now!